i wish people looked like their personality
all about f(x) :D MY BIAS IS KRYSTAL ! -also random kpop posts too-
Violent jung after being led to the wrong way 0-0

Anonymous I used to ship Khuntoria (not seriously thought because I feel it's invasive if you really believe in any ship), but I laughed so hard when I saw your post about the sign.

LOL !!
Am glad that I made you laugh and I’m sorry if it is offensive to you if you ship khuntoria :]

This should be a fanfic poster :/
Reasons not to ship Kuhntoria: 
1-nichkhun is dating 
2- …. just look at Victoria’s reaction when she saw the sign.
Sorry for confusing… Here’s the affxtion ocean at simply kpop tour
sm voice: “I like to recycle”
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