i wish people looked like their personality
all about f(x) :D MY BIAS IS KRYSTAL ! -also random kpop posts too-
F(x) fans don’t cheer with light sticks , they cheer with guns…
So if any one talk shit to f(x) we shoot them

F(x) Stan's be like
Krysfany tho
Can we please fined a picture where krystal is smiling happily with jess?!

Anonymous What is going on with Kris and Amber? what's going on with Exo? I'm a new fan so I'm not in the loop

It’s just that some exotics were like “don’t come near kris” to amber couse they thought that she likes him .. And now after the law suit they came back to amber -in Instagram- and they are saying support kris!
That is so…..

I’m sorry but after all the shit that exo-stan’s gave us.. They dare to say this to amber?!
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