i wish people looked like their personality
all about f(x) :D MY BIAS IS KRYSTAL ! -also random kpop posts too-
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Hello everyone.. In the recent events of the tragic death, I have thought about this a lot and I just wanted to say I WILL NOT be posting any more and please UNFOLLOW me couse I will be deleting every thing in my blog.. I’m very sorry for this .. Every body need to cherish every thing in their life. Sad that the idol that saved you, you couldn’t save them… Lastly be happy with your idol and what ever happens in their life from dating to anything.. No one knows maybe the next day you wake up their gone.. . . Bye

Luna crying after seeing the periwinkle ocean … T^T  
Thank you so much Chinese fans .
There was a little lunew in Beijing .. 
UPDATE : they held hands at the end !


the first time you heard Pink Tape 

REBLOG if when you saw F(x)’s Amber for the first time you thought;

“Holy crap! Hes so hot! :O Im gonna search him up… Amber?… wait a minute, thats a girls name….. shes a tomboy?! SO THATS A GIRL!?!?!?!…. Meh oh well, I geuss Im a lesbo now”

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